Shooting range and guns rental
Per person 10 shots with Glock 17 (pistol calibre 9 mm), 10 shots with Glock 21 (pistol calibre .45), 10 shots with Norinko (pistol calibre 7,62 mm), 10 shots with CZ M70 (pistol calibre 7,65 mm)
Two-way transfer
Safety equipment
Female guide

1,5 - 2 hours


All year long activity

It doesn't matter whether is shooting your long-standing hobby or you will cross the door of a shooting range for the first time. Light and powerful pistols provide you with the perfect experience and brighten up your stag do.

Our range of toys is wide. You can try out Austrian Glock 17 and Glock 21, Norinko and CZ M70 used by Yugoslavian police.

Live up a thrilling action on your stag do!

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