With all the planned activities that are part of every good Stag it sometimes happens that the spontaneous fun gets lost. It's time to bring it back and create an unexpected situation with a prank on the future groom.

If you are feeling a little evil we have prepared the Breast Waxing Prank for you. Put the Stag through one last painful test before he enters married life. We promise this is an activity that he will not forget any time soon.

The rest of you will not be bored either as watching the Stag's reactions should be enough to have the whole group in fits of laughter. Just look out for his sweet revenge.

There is also the possibility to surprise the Stag with something more pleasant such as a beautiful local stripper that will prepare a special dance just for him.

No matter which one you choose from our selection of the best pranks in Zagreb we guarantee that it will be an experience to look back on for everyone involved and a story to share with your mates.

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