Exciting paintball skirmish games near Zagreb

Outdoor Paintball

Paintball gun rental
Safety equipment (including mask) and army uniform rental
200 balls
Up to 2 hours of paintballing
Guide, paintball company employee
Transport to and from the venue

Paintball lets you experience the thrill of a real shoot off. In an appropriate military style outfit and a realistic gun in hand you will feel as if your childhood dream of being a soldier suddenly came to life.

You will be divided into teams and then it's time to play! This game will give you a big dose of adrenaline as you run through the field, hide from the bullets of the opposing team and try to shoot the enemy.

Each of you will have their aim and precision tested. But the only way that your team can come out victorious is if you employ your best tactics and team work.

The selection of Paintball experiences that we have put together includes something for every group. So choose the package that best suits your group's needs.

While in the summer months it might be more fun to go for the outside experience which will take you to an authentic forest environment. On the other hand in the winter the inside course might be a better choice.

Each member of you group will be given 200 or 500 pellets according to your choice of package. Also included in the price of each package is a guide, two-way transfer and all the necessary equipment.

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