The Croatian capital might have a lot to offer during the day but its true colors only show once the Sun has set. Said to have the best nightlife in the country its numerous bars, clubs and casinos are definitely worth a visit.

We know that finding the best nightlife spots in a city you have never been to can be quite hard. That's why we have prepared Pub Crawls and the Rakija Bar Crawl to help you get an overview of the local scene.

Once you know where to go to get in the right mood it is time to go Clubbing. Hit the dance floor and show off your hottest dance moves to the beautiful local women. Can you party all the way till morning?

If you want to test your luck and possibly end the night with gains then tha Casino Night is just right for you. There is also the option of VIP Entry which contains a free drink.

Maybe you are tired of partying and want to go for a calmer evening which will bring you and your mates closer together. We have also thought of that and prepared Bowling, Snooker or Pool Billiard.

One could argue that the nights are even more important during a Stag than the days. A good choice of activities can truly make or break the trip so choose only the best ones for your group.

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