Safety equipment (overalls, helmet, visors)
Complete safety briefing session beforehand
Experienced instructor (often competitors at parachuting contests or ex-military parachutists)
Female Guide
Jump from 3000 meters (nearly 10000 feet)
Beer after the jump
Transport to and from the venue
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

from 5 persons

Duration of the event

* 3-4 hours with transfers

In which season is event available

* All year activity.

Place where event takes place

* at sport airport only 15 minutes driving from downtown Zagreb

Custom note

Special Remarks & Extra

No drinking before., In case of bad weather this activity will be cancelled (money refund is guaranteed) or replaced by another activity if available

With professional parachute instructor you will jump from 3000 meters. It all starts with basic safety instructions at Earth. Then you will climb with modern propeller airplane and enjoy great views of surroundings. The jump from the airplane at 3000 meters is a test of your courage and you enter a new dimension. The free fall will last approximately 60 seconds and you will fly at 200 km/h (125 mph) in a close-to-orgastic feeling. The instructor will open your parachute at 1500 meters and you will drive the parachute until you descend to 300 meters, when instructor will take over. You landing is similar to a fall from 20 cm (height of one stair) and the instructor will absorb this minor impact. Soon you will enjoy your celebration drink after your first successful skydiving jump. In mean time we may prepare your photos and video.


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