Minimum 2 hours of challenging high-ropes climbing
Two way transfer
Assistance of an instructor
Tour guide
Duration of the event

3,5 - 4,5 hours

In which season is event available

From April to October

There is a popular High Ropes Park, situated near Zagreb and it would be a mistake to not to pay it a visit!

We guarantee you won't feel any fear... until you see the tracks. The wooden poles are up to 14 meters high, connected with steel wire and are full of obstacles that each participant must pass by overcoming scare. While climbing the poles and ropes you will test your balance skills, concentration, and risk taking. The tracks are of different difficulty levels so you can choose one most suitable for your stag group.

It is also great to run away from the rush city and spend the afternoon in the nature before you kick off your stag partying in bars.

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