The currency in Croatia is Croatian Kuna. 1 kuna = 100 lipa.

Cash can be easily exchanged at any bank or currency exchange office. Approximately exchange rates are:
1 Euro = 7,6 Croatian Kuna
1 British Pound = 9,1 Croatian Kuna
1 US dollar = 5,8 Croatian Kuna

ATM that accept MasterCard, Visa and Maestro can be found on busy streets, in shopping centres, at banks, main transport terminals and even in some hotels.
Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club are accepted in all hotels, most shops and bigger restaurants.
American Express is accepted only in bigger hotels and restaurants, not very frequently in shops.
In smaller shops and restaurants better have some cash with you, just in case.



Zagreb is a good location to throw a party. The big amount of bars, pubs and clubs attracts tourists in every season. Average prices for alcohol are:

  • a pint of beer in a pub or bar is around 2 Eur / 1,80 GBP.
  • in dance clubs a pint of beer costs between 2,60 Eur / 2,30 GBP and 3,20 Eur / 2,90 GBP.


When it comes to restaurants, you can chose from the ones with local specialities but also with food from different international cuisines:

  • a pizza is from 4 Eur / 3,60 GBP to 6 Eur / 5,40 GBP.
  • one course meal in a restaurant (without drinks) costs between 4,60 Eur / 4,20 GBP and 6,50 Eur / 5,90 GBP.
  • lunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant is from 15 Eur / 13,50 GBP up to 25 Eur / 22,50 GBP.

Public Transport

Tickets for the public transport are sold in the public transport vehicles and in tobaccos. The following ticket options are available:

  • one ride ticket (for trams and buses) for 1,30 Eur / 1,20 GBP.
  • 24 hours ticket for 3,50 Eur / 3,20 GBP.


Best way of getting a taxi is by calling it. When you catch the taxi together with your guide, an overcharging can not happen. The prices are same the whole year, it does not matter if it's day or night:

  • when you get on the taxi - meter is on 1,20 Eur / 1,10 GBP.
  • every other kilometer is 0,70 Eur / 0,60 GBP.


The climate in Zagreb is considered to be oceanic near the boundary of the humid continental. Summers are hot with the average temperature of 20.5° C, and winters are cold with the average temperatures of - 0,5° C.

Time difference

Zagreb is in same time zone like majority of Europe resulting in time difference of +1 hour comparing to UK.


No Visa are required for travellers from European Union (also the United Kingdom and Ireland), USA, Canada, Switzerland. Visa is required from the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

Public Holidays

  • 1st January - New Year's Day
  • 6th January – Epiphany
  • 6th April - Easter
  • 1st May – Labour Day
  • 7th June – Corpus Christi
  • 22nd June – Anti – Fascist Resistance Day
  • 25th June – Croatian National Day
  • 5th August – Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
  • 15 August - Saint Mary's Day
  • 8th October – Independence Day
  • 1st November – All Saint’s Day
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – St. Stephen's Day


British Embassy
Ivana Lučića 4, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: + 385 1 600 9100

Irish Consulate
Turinina ulica 3, 10010 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 667 4455

Embassy of the United States of America
2 Thomas Jefferson Street, 10010 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 661 2200


The voltage in Croatia is 230 V which is the same voltage as in France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
A plug adaptor is required for non-European appliances. Sockets take the standard continental European dual round-pronged plugs.


The international telephone code for Croatia is +385.
The phone contact to the medical emergency is 112.


The official language of Croatia is Croatian language that is spoken by approximately 96% of the population. Many Croatian people, especially the younger generation, speak English. German and Italian are also very popular. The people working in the tourist industry in Zagreb can speak English quite well.

Zagreb Travel Guide

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a vibrant city of around a million people. The city boasts a charming medieval 'old city' with architecture and cobbled streets reminiscent of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other Central-European capitals, though mixed with a strong Italian influence. Although the city is not as popular with tourists and travelers as the Dalmatian coast is, it still offers a few nice attractions that make it worthwhile to stop over for a few days.

Zagreb is divided into three major parts - the thousand-year old upper town which contains the Croatian historical gems, for instance Presidential Palace, the historic church of St. Mark's, the Croatian parliament, museums and galleries which are all situated in cobbled streets lit by gas lamps. The second part of the city is very well known as lower town which is very typical mainly for its cafes, restaurants, shops, theatres and parks. The last modern post-war part of Zagreb is full of high-rise modern buildings and complexes that in fact have nothing particular to offer.

One of the many pleasures you can enjoy is sitting in one of the numerous cafes, watching the world go by. Zagreb has a special charm and party travelers, will enjoy exploring the capital at night. The people are very friendly, the city is safe, accommodation will satisfy all demands and public transport can help you move around cheaply.You are also allowed to visit on of the numerous restaurants, sampling one of the delicious Croatian dishes, and finish the day in the one of the bars or clubs. Whatever you choose to do, you are guaranteed to have a good time!


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