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Zagreb - best destination for stag weekends in Croatia with superb nightlife atmosphere. We are pleased to serve lads weekends, sport-team trips, hen & stag parties to Zagreb.

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Zagreb City Guide

Zagreb City Guide for Bachelor Parties

Croatia's capital is the perfect place for a weekend filled with adventure. It offers an amazing combination of great weather, beautiful architecture and thrilling activities. With all the classic Stag favorites covered, like Go Karting, Quad Biking or Paintballing and also more unique experiences such as Rafting it is easy to see why the city has become so well-liked.

Despite its newfound popularity it remains affordable, making sure you don't break the bank. The oceanic climate guarantees hot summers and mild summers which make it an accessible destination year-round. And with about 800,000 people Zagreb might be the largest city in Croatia but it still manages to avoid being overcrowded.

A fun fact is that the city boasts one of the tallest buildings in the country, the Zagreb Cathedral.

Zagreb Nightlife

Zagreb Nightlife

For the perfect wild night out you need cheap alcohol, lively music and gorgeous women. Zagreb has plenty of all three! Often claimed to have the best nightlife in the whole country the city is filled with nightclubs. Offering something for every music taste they are usually open until early in the morning.
Especially in the summer months they are always busy with people ready to party and are often visited by bands playing live music. The prices are generally very affordable.
Visit Tkalciceva Street in Upper Town and discover all the bars you will need to get you in the right mood. Lake Jarun offers perfect opportunities for dancing by the water and beach parties in the summer.

Zagreb Practical Tips

Zagreb Pub Street Tkalciceva

Zagreb has the biggest and busiest airport in Croatia which receives about 5 nonstop flights from London per day and many more from different major cities around the world. A flight from the UK takes just slightly above 2 hours.
Within the city the most popular form of public transport are trams that interconnect most of Zagreb.
On your trip you might want to try some Croatian beers, such as Karlovacko, Ozujsko or Pan. Also worth a try are some of the local spirits, like sljivovica, travarica or kruskovac. Be warned though that they are usually quite strong.
The official language of the country is Croatian and the local currency is the kuna.
Some useful words you might need include:
- "Bok" = hello/goodbye
- "Molim" = please
- "Hvala" = thank you
- "Jedno pivo molim" = One beer please
- "Ne govorim hrvatski" = I don't speak Croatian

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